Whip Dart
Concept art for Whip Dart.


All-In-One fighter




February 2nd, 2560

First Flight

4th of February, 2561

Number Built

2500 to be built. 1 under construction.

Primary User

Royal Atlantis Air Force

Unit Cost


The Whip Dart is an aircraft being designed and built by Whip Aircraft Atlantis. It will replace the fighters, bombers and helicopters currently used by the Air Force, as it will be an all-in-one aircraft.

Design and DevelopmentEdit


Before the New African Empire war, Whip Aircraft Atlantis produced all of the aircrafts used by the military, including the F-9 fighters, B-9 bombers and H-9 choppers series.

During the New African Empire war, the Atlantis Armed Forces was given the idea by two generals of an all-in-one aircraft to make the war easier. The project was given an OK and Whip Atlantis was chosen to make it, and they named it the "Whip Dart".


To fly at half the speed of light, normal wings on aircraft could not be used, as the wings would just snap right off the plane. Whip Dart created the DTwings, which would be thicker, and capable of holding a fair bit of fuel for the two engines. These could withstand the speed the Dart would have.

Antimatter was used as fuel, like most vehicles in Atlantis, in order to be able to blast the jet quickly.

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