This page was created to troll Pen Par and is being kept for historical purposes.

File:Helghast propaganda poster 6 by jimzomb1e-d3a780x.jpg

Bloody Jerry's, started another world war. The ER declared war on the NAR and Avalon for no reason and then retracted their declaration.

Can't watch those bloody jerry's.


In the span of 15 minutes, relations between NAR, Avalon, and Germany went from quite favorable to total Warfare. No one is quite sure how it became this way in such a short time, but it's effects were never felt by multiple generations.


Propaganda was a major part of the War-that-never-happened. Avalon produced multiple posters in a short timespan in-criminating the Germans for multiple crimes that they

File:Propaganda WO Border by stephensheehan.png
most likely did not commit.
File:Modification by blistkrieg-d37p5uf.jpg

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