Vancouver is a city on the mainland of West Canada, with a population of over 12,000,000 in the recent census, making it the largest city in West Canada, with over 10,000 people per square kilometer.

The original settlement, named Haida was the largest city in the area was established in 1320 by early explorers. Along with British Columbia, it became part of the Kingdom of British Columbia, now the Kingdom of West Canada.

It was well known for the film industry, and being a major urban city surrounded by nature. It was occassionally referred to as "Hollywood North".

It hosted the 2010 Olympics along with the nearby Whistler village, shortly before becoming part of West Canada.


Pre-West CanadaEdit

Before becoming part of West Canada, it was a village called Haida during the middle ages, and became Vancouver once English and French explorers came during the 1500s, and then joining West Canada.


The earliest explorers in the region created the Haida city, which controlled much of the coast. Another major city, in what is now Vancouver Island was hostile with Haida, which led to a major siege, killing half the population of the region.

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