Basically, I took Scorched's mention that tech advanced faster in NCC and changed my list accordingly.



A cycle= 20 Years. A project may not start at cycle 1, if it starts at cycle 5 it starts at country age 100.

Current tier: 0


Tier 1: Laser Rifles, Cyberguns

Tier 2: Portable Railguns/Coilguns, XRF Lasers

Tier 3: Plasma Rifles, Portable Fusion, GRF Lasers

Tier 4: Disruptor Rifles, Fusion Rifles

Tier 5: Phasors

Tier 6: Meson/Gluon/Breaker Weapons

Tier 7: Antimatter Weaponry

Tier 8: Antimatter Rifles

Tier 9+: Spatial Weaponry


Tier 1: Plasma Shield

Tier 2: Energy Barriers

Tier 3: Deflective Shields

Tier 4: Black Globes, Absorptive Shielding

Tier 5: Portable Black Globes, White Globes

Tier 6: Portable White Globes, Dimensional Shielding, Reversal Shielding

Tier 7: Portable Dimensional Shielding

Tier 8: Statis Field

Tier 9: Rifts


Tier 1-5: Standard Upgrades

Tier 6: Neutronium

Tier 7: Strange Matter

Tier 8: Gravitic Armor

Tier 9: Preon Armor

Tier 10: Worldsheets

Tier 11 (UP TO 11 BITCHES): Spacetime Armor


Tier 2: Tachyon Drive

Tier 3: Subspace Drive

Tier 4: Alcubierre Drive

Tier 5: Warp Drive

Tier 6: Hyperdrive

Tier 7: Bypass Drive

Tier 8: Teleportation

Tier 9: IID, Portable Teleportation

Tier 10: Portable IID

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