Recently, there was an Executive meeting in which we went over the chat policy, and we have made a far better and simpler chat policy.

For starters, there are TWO ways that you can get your warning count reset to 0.

  1. Go 1 full week without getting anymore warnings.
  2. Receive a warning reset by an Executive (CEO/ED).

Now, as for the actual policy, here it is:

  • Informal Warning: This comes before your FIRST warning (If your warnings are reset, you get another informal warning) in which the mods are able to give you a warning that does not count. You only receive one of these, and once you have received warning one (Until you are reset), you have no more informal warnings.
  • Warnings 1-3: These warnings are just what the name implies - warnings. Basically, they are a sign that you need to stop, or else you risk being banned.
  • Warning 4+: Warning 4 and beyond will result in an immediate, ONE-DAY chat ban.

Please note that if you violate a chat ban, you add an extra day onto your ban, so just do yourself a favor and do not avoid these bans.

A moderator can't warn someone because of pmed messages, even if the pms were to the mod directly. This chat policy only applies to the open chat, and nothing more.

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