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    My Projects

    March 17, 2012 by Rpvictor

    39.44:00.00: !=1: Cyber warfare.

    39.45:00.00: Lewis Structure Timed Test: Genetics. Includes DNA computing, genetic modification and cures.

    39.46:00.00: Solar Power: Fusion efficiency increasing.

    39.46:00.00: Abyss Radian: Core techology.

    39.46:00.00: Irish Requiem: Shielding.

    39.46:00.00: Interceptor: Nanotech.

    39.47:00.00: Observer: HFPE. Spies.

    39.47:00.00: Specter: EMP. EMP-Resist.

    39.49:39.63: Carbon: Cloning.

    39.49:00.00: Copper: Droids.

    39.49:00.00: Lead: Defensive structures.

    30.50:00.00: Let There Be Light: Invisibility.

    30.53:00.00: Overruled: Dimension/universe creation.

    39.56:00.00: Black-Net: HFPE. Work with GLOCK.

    39.58:00.00: 11200: Satellites.

    39.88:00.00: Antoinette: Mob psychology.

    39.88:00.00: DHS: Basic anti-terrorism stuff.


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  • Rpvictor

    A Random Thought

    March 14, 2012 by Rpvictor

    A random thought:

    If things continue at their current rate, how long will it be before the Troll Pages consume the Wiki? There are tons of them, but Scorched will not let me delete a single one because "they make me [Scorched] lol." Yes, the test for whether a wiki page should be allowed is if its funny. I am now somewhat frightened for the future of this wiki.

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  • Rpvictor

    I am please to announce that all articles on the Wikia have now been categorized! (Trolls who create more uncategorized articles will be met with velcro, a funnel, the Nile during flood season, and some very uncomfortable planks of wood.)

    This is not to say that categories do not need to be reworked. If you reasonably think that categories should be changed in any way, do not hesitate to do so unless told otherwise by moderation.

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  • Rpvictor

    I am posting this regarding becoming a member of the Nation Creation Wikia Administrative Team. I would like to rejoin* it for the following reasons.

    1) I have a proven record as a Wikia administrator. I have by far done the most as an administrator, especially regarding dealing with personal attacks against users, spam and vandalism.

    2) I was also the most trusted of all the administrators. Historically, people would tend to come to me when they had a problem requiring administrative assistance.

    3) I am one of the most knowledgeable people on the Wikia regarding the Wikia. People would frequently come to me with questions regarding basic editing procedure.

    4) I have proven myself to be generally helpful. I have cleaned-up and reviewed pages o…

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  • Rpvictor

    PolitiFail I

    September 16, 2011 by Rpvictor

    A few interesting poitical stories have popped up this week.

    First off, the Justice Department's policy of forcing gun store owners to make thousands of otherwise illegal sales as part of a sting operation has caused yet more deaths. Oh, and the Justice Department has forgotten the 'sting' part of the operation.

    Al Gore is apparently trying to show that the money going into anti-global warming efforts proves that it's bad science. (Very scientific.)

    Michelle Bachmann, GOP Presiential candidate, continues to go ballistic over another GOP Presidential candidate's policy of forced vaccinations for an STD. However, her complaint isn't the obvious abuse of power by Rick Perry. No, it's that the vaccine causes mental illness, a claim for which she …

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