Greetings Infidels, Comrades.

Today marks an important occasion... The beginning of the purge of the Infidel (Brony) has begun here in the Holy Land. It is a day for rejoicing!

To the Infidel:

We will hunt you.

We will destroy you.

We will hobble the ponies.

We will send them to the glue factory.


We must stand united against this threat. In order to preserve all we hold dear. What Commandant Legless and I have begun, we all must finish.

Comrade Bismarck and Comrade R. Glock have commited to assist the cause, will you?


I own 10 glue factories."

-Glock, in the wiki chat, 12:22 1/13/2012

~Commandant Ranthar Wane of Frater Adversus Equos.

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