Hi guys,

I've been hearing plenty about people wanting a full scale map for NC. (or other games who choose to use the product of the map.)

I'm beginning work on the model today, and once I get the Sol system all done, I'll post some photos for you all to check out and provide feedback on.

However, I will be unreachable from the 9th-17th of March, so this won't be getting worked on.

Anyway, the main thing I need from you NC players, is information on where your star system claims lie. I'll also need the full listing of your claims on Exo-Sol land so that I can make this fully accurate.

Now for my vision:

I think that the design will largely be as follows: a star chart of a sort will be my entire backdrop, probably built into a massive dome. (With Sol in the middle.)

From there, I will build star systems at their locations relative to Sol.(My plan is, to make the system so that from Sol you can point to a labelled star system, and use the zoom function to bring you directly up to the star system.)

I doubt if that is clear, but it'll start to make sense when I have photos to post.

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