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    March 8, 2012 by Ranthar Wane

    Hi guys,

    I've been hearing plenty about people wanting a full scale map for NC. (or other games who choose to use the product of the map.)

    I'm beginning work on the model today, and once I get the Sol system all done, I'll post some photos for you all to check out and provide feedback on.

    However, I will be unreachable from the 9th-17th of March, so this won't be getting worked on.

    Anyway, the main thing I need from you NC players, is information on where your star system claims lie. I'll also need the full listing of your claims on Exo-Sol land so that I can make this fully accurate.

    Now for my vision:

    I think that the design will largely be as follows: a star chart of a sort will be my entire backdrop, probably built into a massive dome. (With…

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  • Ranthar Wane

    Firstly, sorry about disappearing, I was up in the mountians yet again. I will also be absent ~9-18th of March.

    Rp's rolls:

    8- SPV, 3- SPV, 7- SOS (spell o seeing)


    5- nothing 9- nothing

    • Name: UnderRealm
    • Population: 22,000
    • Military: 2,700
    • Items: 1 x SPV, 1 x Merc Rec, o x lotto tokens.

    Very soon I shall unveil the "Evil Chicken" prayers.

    (Someone will need to moderate this, they do not have to be part of the game.)

    Military breakdown:

    ~level 55 as compared to a player.

    1,000 Ork warriors. (In A mixture of Mithril/Adamant level equipment.)

    1,000 Dogreshuun Hobgoblin Rangers. (In a mixture of snakeleather/green d'hide level equipment. A slightly weaker mass produced version of Zanik's X-bow is in use, along with Swamp gas bolas. 250 Riding giant frog…

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  • Ranthar Wane
    • Name: UnderRealm
    • Population: 22,000
    • Military: 2,600
    • Items: 1 x SPV, 1 x Merc Rec, 1 x lotto tokens.

    Token claimed and used.

    Rp's roll is: 3- short project voucher.

    I'll set up my war momentarily.

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  • Ranthar Wane

    Project finger gun has begun.

    I'll be updating project stuff later.

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  • Ranthar Wane

    Rp got a 9, nothing.

    I have claimed my lotto token, and rolled twice:

    3-Short Project voucher, and a 10-Mercenary Recruitment.

    • Name: UnderRealm
    • Population: 21,500
    • Military: 2,600
    • Items: 1 x SPV, 1 x Merc Rec, 0 x lotto tokens.

    Well, as nobody has responded to my annex rolls, I'll do it myself.

    • Kalphites: 56 (accept)
    • Tear Chasm: 75 (war for insult.)

    Anyone want to come up with the numbers I get from the Kalphite hive?

    Who wants to operate as the Tear Chasm side of the war?

    • Enemy Units:
      • Light Creatures (No idea what you're gonna do with that.)
      • Whatever they can recruit from the lumbridge swamp caves.
    • Guardians:
      • Juna
      • A tormented demon that made its way out.(to keep things from being easy.)

    We have begun arming for the war, and begun building up our defenses.


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