We have launched UAV and recon submarines into the waters surrounding Taiwan to give us in depth surveillance and information of enemy movements.


We have launched 15 destroyers and 10 landing crafts that are now 100 miles off the coast of Taiwan who are beginning to bombard their ports and cities with their railgun arnaments, keeping us out of range while we completely dominate their troops and defenses. Once we have completely wiped out the coastal defenses, we will move them to the coast to release the soldiers on the landing craft which number 5,000. They will proceed from the coast of the small island nation and split into two Legions. One legion, consisting of 2,000 soldiers, will be led by General Shinkay into the Administrative capital city, Taipei. While the other legion, consisting of the remaining three thousand troops, will be led into New Taipei to establish control of the city therefore majority of the population.

40 multi-role Aircraft and 4 AWACS will be launched to establish air superiority over Taiwan and wipe out any air plane that dares oppose us. We will be using group tactics to destroy the enemy aircraft and maintain air superiority. The multi-roles will begin bombing all remaining military installations, counter-attack installations, defense installations, radar installations, and all root server locations.

10 EW aircraft have been launched to knock out communications among the Taiwanese forces to prevent them from organizing and spreading information to their allies. We will be trying our best to keep the Taiwanese people in the dark to prevent them from uprising against our invasion force.

Spore viruses will be implanted into military computers, government computers, SAM and AA AI, power plant computers, root servers, and other important computers to completely shut down their function completely. This will cause them to be completely void of communications or defenses.

We declare war on Taiwan!



Taiwan attempted to launch their small fleet of destroyers but were destroyed by the Marosian bombardment weaponry. Their portly defenses were destroyed by bombardment, leaving the Marosian forces to land and continue onward without anything in their way.

Taipei was secured with little effort, the entire government surrendered unconditionally to the might of the Chinese people. Only 123 casualties were accumulated over the taking of the city, a massive victory for Marosia!

Our legion took New Taipei with some difficulty. They established control of the city with casualties marking 1/3rd of the legion sent to conquer the city.

The Territory of Taiwan has officially been added to Marosia.

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