The United States of America was divided when Balance of Power first began, and later, it remained divided. The United States of America (Union) has been in the hands of many players in a very short time. First, it served under Alian, where it fought the Civil War. Glock took control of the nation after Alian went inactive, and then in turn, Pen ar took control of the Union when Glock quit the game.


At the very beginning of BoP, the Union and the Confederacy had fired their first shots. Under Alian, the Union fought the Confederacy, however, Alian went inactive shortly thereafter. Upon Glock joining the game, he chose to replace Alian as te Union's handler. Soon after, peace was announced, and the Confederacy was officially recognized.

Glock faced a challenge - he had to "take care" of the native Indians in America. Upon a very slight misunderstanding (on Bis' part), he felt that Bis was simply being biased, and left the game. Pen decided to claim the USA, as Spain was insignificant compared to the Spanish Empire. Upon joining, he decided to even the odds faced by two parties trying to unite the German states. While not directly supporting any party by using arms and military might, the USA decided to support Bavaria and her allies (Sweden and the Netherlands) by selling them equipment (without any tariffs in place) and giving out financial and food aid.


The United States of America is the most industrious player nation, and has been confirmed to even rival the might of the British Empire. Having a very high level of production, trade is closely monitored in order to ensure a trade balance is maintained at all times.


The United States of America has one of the larger fleets available to players. Due to the Civil War, it is thought that they've got a rather well established admirality. Nonetheless, the USA (handelled by Pen) is constantly improving America's navy.

On the ground, thanks to the Civil War once again, they have a very good general staff, ready to fight wars when and where needed. Their technological innovations means a very advanced army.

Thanks to high productivity, there is more than enough arms and supplies with which to equip her brave, patriotic troops.

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