"F**k you."- The eloquent words of Master Lord Omni.

The Omni1 (better known as Omni) is a largely disliked player of the Nation Creation genre. He joined CYOC in mid-August 2011, died several times, then joined Nation Creation in October that year. He has since gained notoriety as a general spammer and troll, especially in the wiki chat before the no flaming policy was enacted.


Facts about OmniEdit

-Is a massive idiot not so intelligent.

-Has been killed so many times, the expression "Doing an Omni" was coined by Forum Lord to describe the act of dying due to pissing people off.

-Likes rap battles. Is decent at it on rare occassions, but for the most part, he doesn't try. (Especially against Bismarck.)

-Knows how to not get DDOSed by Pen.

-Constantly creates overpowered advanced technology.


Misconceptions about OmniEdit

Misconception: Omni only listens to death metal.

Truth: Bismarck can't rap battle.

Misconception: Omni has political views- specifically, he is a fascist.

Truth: No. It requires an IQ above seven to understand that sort of thing.

Relations with other playersEdit

Note: this refers to what Omni thinks of you, not what you think of Omni.

Enemies: Margerald, Luimnigh, Rache Glock, Vrangr Wayne, Rpvictor, Teran Marine, Legless562, Pen Par, Lilninjabro6 (he knows why)

Friends: Forum Lord, Livelong689, Bismarck I, Farmascape

File:Your mother.jpg

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