The Allies is a faction present in World War 3.
File:Allies flag.png

At the time of the Allies formation, they were composed of the weaker nations in NC. They co-operate well on a number of issues and are currently led by Rache Glock. Current allied players are Rache Glock, Volcano, Rp, Bowser, Fuzzles, Live, Wane and Marge



The allies have 3 main aims

-Stopping of aggression towards the members of the organization.

-Limiting Entente power, which is viewed as corrupted.

-Maximum growth for alliance members.

Not done yet, will finish later-Glock.


Allied Co-Operation Edit

Economical Edit

• To prevent foreign influence we will place limits that no more than 30% of a member’s economy can be due to foreign sources, with only 10% being allowed of non-allies.

• We will have a FTA between all members.

• We will encourage foreign allied companies to invest in our economies up to that 30% quota

• We will all place at least a 20% tariff on Axis goods entering our lands.

Technological Edit

Co-operation on:

  • The RMG line
  • Electronic/cyber warfare
  • Energy sources
  • FTL
  • Gravity Research
  • Bio-engineering
  • Shielding
  • Conventional weaponry (Energy weapons, Coilguns, Missiles, Explosives, Etc)
  • Conventional defenses (Armour and countermeasures)
  • Detection
  • Nanotechnology
  • Robotics/AI
  • Cybernetics
  • Colony Kit
  • Industrial technologies


  • NATDIS (HFPE: This is a project to develop Earthquake technology and Weather Control. According to scorched this will take 30 years)
  • Static
  • Unconventional weaponry (Chemical weapons etc)
  • Stealth/espionage
  • All current technological knowledge is combined and we co-operate on the RMG line.

Military Edit

  • Access to each other’s military facilities
  • Shared intelligence networks
  • All members will be able to buy the most advanced RMG Tech, and they only have to pay 85% of the regular price (Which is the price I have to pay)
  • Forces regularly conduct battle training
  • The construction of an advanced early warning network around all of our planets.


File:Molotov Solution - Corpus Imperium HQ

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