Tanicia Republic
Tanicia and Pacifica


Parliamentary democracy



Current Head of State:

Prime Minister j68Flyby


3.5 million




Tanicia dollar


Tanician, Tani


The Tanicia Republic is a new country in Create Your Own Country created by j68Flyby.

==Tanician History ==

Tanicia has a very short history but still some worth noting.

Pre CYOC History

Before entering the CYOC community The Republic of Tanicia was a developing country with two neighboring countries, the Federation of Tanicia which was also was on Tanicia and the Kingdom of Pacifica which is on a moon orbiting Tanicia.

CYOC History

Right after The Republic of Tanicia joined the CYOC community it started to build a moon colony on an uninhabited life supporting moon. The Kingdom of Pacifica supported the Republic but the Federation decided to try and make their own. This made the already bad relationship between the two worse. The Federation President then decided to cut all ties with the Republic and started to mass troops on the border.

====The Federation-Republican War ====

With information gather through spies and informants the Republic found about the Federations plans for

invasion. So j86 task group teams were sent in to plant explosives and gather Intel for the preemptive attack. It was hoped that the Federation would sue for peace soon after attack but they held out by tying Republic forces in cities and using their own civilians as illegal combatants.

A plan was drawn up to force the Federation to pull back troops from the front to get so pressure of Republic forces. j68 task group teams were attack the Federation Capital and other key facilities. This forced federation troops to have to pull back.

With the Federation falling back the Republic pressed its advantage and sent its best urban fighters to attack the Federation Capital. The fighting was firerce but what won the battle was the capture of the Federation President.

With its leader captured and its Capital ripped apart the Federation surrendered and became part of the Republic (mainly because they could not afford the price of rebuilding)

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