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These pages are the base of most of the NC genre.

General News
  • Scorched000


    June 19, 2012 by Scorched000

    Due to a recent problem, we have temporarily moved the chat from this wiki to our BoD Wiki.

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  • Scorched000

    Well, the Wiki Chat exploded and I can't get it back up and running through the Admin panel. Apparently this is happening over the ENTIRE Wikia network, so we're going to improvise!

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22 July 2017
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Maintenance News
*The Wiki is receiving massive overhaul; news shall be displayed here.

Featured article
Juton is a CYOC-related article: In the year 2200, an advanced government had run out of resources on Earth, but refused to submit to the ridiculous prices set by foreign countries. It quickly came up with a solution: Space. In 2205, it sent its entire population into space.

Thousands of spaceships landed on a single planet. It was the only habitable planet for hundreds of light years, and so the government began to rebuild on this strange new world. After being subject to fire falling from the sky, earthquakes that caused volcanic eruptions, and strange creatures, the government named the new planet, Calamity.

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