These were boats designed for use in a riverine environment and saw heavy use by the GLOCK during Der Lange Krieg .

These boats are low profile, fast, heavily armed and versatile. They’re armed with three 12.7mm machine guns, two manpads, 1 40mm grenade launcher, 40mm cannon, anti-tank guided missiles, a 81mm mortar and a high powered hose.

Why the hose? If the Firefighter's hose can take the roof off a New York warehouse, a water jet like this could literally shatter many of the riverside villages in many parts of the world. It could blast a sniper clean out of a tree. RPG teams would be literally washed away, probably sustaining serious or fatal injuries. Such a powerful jet will probably knock RPG rockets and ATGMs out of the air, and deflect higher velocity projectiles. As long as the boat has power, the water jet cannot run out of ammunition –it is floating on a virtually limitless supply.

The water jet has less lethal applications as well. It can extinguish fires on friendly vehicles. It also has Winning Hearts and Minds applications such as fighting forest or domestic fires. Uses hydrojet propulsion and a low draft with the option to fit in a turbine similar to a swamp speeder. They had an air-lubricated hull with enclosed weapon positions with open areas of the deck protected by sloped awnings, chicken wire and bar armour cages. They had a low profile also carried a squad of infantry.

They were used primarily as a raider force in the war, roaming avalonian rivers engaging or caputring avalonian targets of opportunity. Some were dropped deep into enemy territory in groups of 4 by tactical transplants fitted with floats.

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