Many times in the course of the history of the CYOC genre, players have been compared with any number of pop culture icons, TV shows, Movies, and Fictional Characters of all types.

On this page, we shall keep some of these comparisons.


1. If you post a list, please explain where the names come from and who they are of. Including a small explanation.

2. Do not spam this article or I will get it locked out.

3. Try and keep this at least somewhat clean.

Red Vs BlueEdit

Red Vs Blue is a popular machinima produced by RoosterTeeth based out of Bungie's HALO series. It follows various story arcs, and includes many characters. The following list is attributed to Glock and Wayne.

(Still being populated)

•Scorched = Sarge (Red Team Leader))

Sarge is attributed to Scorched largely due to their position and control of the situations we find ourselves in. They also share an ability to create massively impractical and insane plans that somehow work.

•Farma = Donut (Red Team)

They both like Pink, speak in unsensical sentences, and their sexuality is questionable.

•Bis = Tucker (Blue Team)

He's black and makes constant sexual jokes.

•Glock = O'Mally (AI)

Both insane, evil and hilarious. Also seems to posses people, and obscure persona's pop up randomly to try and kill him. Also, they like purple

•Leg = Doc (Pacifist)

Nice guy, pacifist

•Wayne = Grif (Red Team) / York (Freelancer)

Both incredibly lazy, but occasionally do something of use.(Grif)

Pretty idealistic, but can generally get into just about anywhere. Usually on the upper level of rankings, but never the top. (York)

•Chip = Tex (Freelance/Blue team)

Tears everyone a new one.

•Volcano = Simmons (Red Team)

Fairly smart and well meaning. Rather reclusive.

•Pen = Lopez (Red Team)

Both foreign and incredibly hard to listen to.

•Teran = Church (De facto Blue team leader)

-Nobody can comprehend Teran, who is brilliant but is also a inegma of stupidty rapped in his own intelligence rapped in a taco.

•Olaf = Caboose (Blue Team)

The lovable idiot

•Rp = Delta (AI)

Both are emotionless calculators

•Bowser = CT (Freelance)

CT=Whiny, Bowser=Whiny. See what I'm getting at here?

•Omni = Red Flag Zealot (THE FLAG)

Total idiots. (Omni says: AND PROUD! :D

•Cards = South Dakota (Freelance)

•Marge = Wyoming (Freelance)

Both try to be evil and die.

South ParkEdit

The following list was made by Omni. Please feel free to contribute.


Bismarck=Chef (Black and makes constant sexual jokes)

Teran and/or Marge=Kenny (Nobody can understand Teran and Marge dies alot)

Glock=Cartman (Evil and often hilarious. Also hated by many.)

Sirjoseph=God (All-powerful: may or may not exist)

Big Gay Al=Farmascape (Sexuality is... questionable at best.)

Omni=The WoW guy (Never leaves his computer and also really stupid)

Liam of Fez=The Sixth Graders(Elitist.

My Little Pony: Friendship Is MagicEdit

You knew it would happen.

Omni: Discord

Scorched: Princess Celestia

RpVictor: Nightmare Moon

Legless: Princess Luna

Bowswer5: Twilight Sparkle

F3N3R3L: Applejack

Farma: Rarity

Volcano: Fluttershy

Bismarck: Rainbow Dash

Glock: Commander Hurricane

Livelong: Trixie

Teran: Big Mac

Wane: Cheerilee

Fez: Lyra

Cardnals: Bon Bon

Gnu: (Officially refuses to be sucked into the stupid Brony crap)

Kyr: Scootaloo

Pen Par: Apple Bloom

Marge: Vinyl Scratch

Sith: Octavia

Djinn: "Loose screw"

Olaf: Derpy hooves

Magery: Doctor whooves


Rpvictor=Ron Paul (Initials, and kinda acts like him a bit)

Star WarsEdit

From George Lucas's series of films.

This list is largely made by Wayne and Volcano.


Teran- Darth VaderEdit

Both started out as "gifted", and became the bad boy. Then they came under the influence of the Emperor, and began to rule with an iron fist.

Also, mostly dead, and yet still alive.

Scorched- Emperor PalpatineEdit



Glock- Grand Moff TarkinEdit

Do I really need to explain this one? Highest kill count in the Genre, Tarkin killed a planet...

See the similarity?

File:End Days.jpg

Rp- Cmdr. CodyEdit

Logical and follows a plan to the letter.


Bis- Count DookuEdit

Egotistical, overpowered by Vader, tool of the Emperor.

But he has an awesome beard. (For Star Wars.)


Farma- Boss NassEdit

Useless, weakminded.

Olaf- Bobba Fett (child)Edit

File:200px-Boba on Kamino.jpg

Because a Bounty Hunter is as close as we get to a Viking.


Gnu- Jango FettEdit

For the willingness to level guns on anyone.


Wane- Qui-Gon JinnEdit

-Considered knowledgeable by his peers, including those who are very highly respected in other regards.

-An enemy to be reckoned with in battle. (due to his abilities with both the blade, and in tactics and technology.)

-Kind of a maverick in that they both focus on an unaccepted form of operation. (Quin-Gon in his 'Living Force', and Wayne in Magiscience.)

-Multiple similarities in character.

-The management isn't overly fond of their methods.


Omni- Battle DroidsEdit

Kills all in his path. Annoying to deal with.

File:ObiWan hood.jpg

Volc- Obi-Wan KenobiEdit

-The 'Negotiator'.

-Skilled warrior when pressed.

-Consider knowledgable and wise by his peers.

-Respected by the people in charge.(and as such, given authority.)

-Various character traits.

File:Leia endorpromo02.jpg

Bows- Princess Leia OrganaEdit

Whiny, and closest I could get to 'Octavia' was 'Organa'.(Starts and ends with the same sounds... right?)

Star TrekEdit

Scorched: Q (Omnipotent, generally acts benevolent even if he's trolling a bit)

Teran: Redshirts (Dies alot, but still alive. Somehow.)

Farma: Sulu (Questionable sexuality...)

RpVictor: Scotty (Fixes any problem within NC)

Omni: Wesley Crusher (dammit, I shouldn't have to explain this)

Bows: Reginald Barclay (Holoaddiction, pony addiction... it's related, dammit!)

Wane: Mr. Spock (Overly logical and tends to destroy less intelligent peoples if he gets the chance, and has the Nerve Pinch, ie the Logic Hammer)

Bis: Worf (More aggressive than most and he's black

RS Boss monstersEdit

Chip- Nex.

Glock- Avatar of Destruction. + Culinaromancer

Pen- Koschei the Deathless

Omni- Daganoth Mother

Bows- Astea Frostweb

Volc- Balance elemental

Rp- Living Rock Patriarch

Farma- Delrith

Wayne: Har'Lakk The Riftsplitter

Bis: Nomad.

Jeff Dunham PuppetsEdit

Bismarck- Sweet Daddy D (both are black)

Rache Glock- Walter (old, cynical)

Legless- Achmed (fricking terrorists)

Farma- Achmed Juniour (gay)

Omni- Peanut (always hyper, has a habit of being annoying)

Scorched- Jose the Jalapeno (on a stick)

Starcraft Characters

Rache Glock - Infested Karrigen (Queen of Blades)Edit

File:Starcraft 2 Queen of Blades by MrPirateJack.jpg

- The self styled "Queen Bi*** of the Universe"

- A very powerful entity

- A recognized tactican

- A pain for 9/10th of NC

Bismarck - TassadarEdit

- Fights to defend Auir (even if it means going against the Judicator Caste)

- Commands a very large fleet

Scorched - The Fallen One (The Dark Voice)Edit

File:578px-SinisterProphecy3 SC2 Story1.jpg

- Plans to re-shape the [NC] universe in his own image

- Has a way of reaching goals

Omni - some random zerglingEdit

- Active

- Very un-imitating, yet effective

- Lacking in many aspects compared to others [no offense, man]

Forum Lord - Jim RaynorEdit

- Once close with everyone, including Karrigen [AKA Glock]

- A good leader

- Wants to bring peace to the universe

Legless - OvermindEdit

File:Overmind SC2 Head1.jpg

- A legless figure, albiet very powerful.

- Live through the centuries

Pen - ZeratulEdit

- Wishes to defeat the Queen of Blades via any means possible

- Wishes to revolutionize the [NC] universe

- Past actions are a burden to carry


Abrams- Arceus (creator)

Joseph- Mew (original)

Scorched- Mewtwo (clone)

Djinn- Weezing (hidden by a "fog")

123- Electrode (likes to blow things up)

Volc- Moltres (has some power, lives in a volcano, fiery)

Glock- Slowking (insanely intelligent)

Rp- Shiny Rayquaza (keeps order, stops chaos)

Bis- Giratina Origin Form (black, renegade, very powerful)

Ninja- Ninjask (no explanation required)

Forum- Skitty (kitteh!!!!!!)

Omni- Magikarp (nobody likes it, very weak, tries to become insanely strong but fails)

F3N- Unown (annoying little boogers those lot)

Bowswer- Blastoise (watered down mario guy)

Eno- Scizor (heavily armored flying thing with ability to cut things in half)

Farma- Jynx (farma approved this)

Legless- Tornadus/Thundurus (cause a lot of destruction, have no legs)

Wayne- Alakazam (can control stuff with its powers)

Pie- Munchlax (young, eats a lot)

Olaf- Tauros (not very smart, has viking horns)

Gnu- Torterra (nice, until you piss it off, also Gnu's favorite besides mewtwo, not insanely strong, but not weak)

Don't see youself here? Don't like your pokemon? Talk to me (Gnuispir8) in the wiki chat, I'll do my best to find your best fit.

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