Nondescript/Scott_Chris7/Ragnar_Lodbrok/Pysces is was a player of most of the CYOC games from 2010 to early 2011. In Nation Creation, he played as the New Roman Empire, a nation controlling Italy, Spain, and Portugal with its capital in Rome. After quitting RuneScape and being invaded by Wubbles and hired terrorists secretly from Glock, he left to play WarCraft III: The Frozen Throne until a few months after the release of StarCraft II, in while he played that. On May 7th, 2012, while watching Jamie/Teran_Marine's live stream, learning that he too had rejoined Nation Creation and discovering that Scorched was in fact still alive, returned to Nation Creation as the Republic of Scandinavia, being based in Sweden, Norway, and Iceland.

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