Ninja's Hair Crisis is the unofficial name of an incident that ocurred on April 26th 2012 at approximately 9:20 PM Eastern Standard Time.


The CrisisEdit

At about 9:15 PM, Lilninjabro6 chose to view his character in the Photo Booth just to the west of Falador.

After he was satisfied by his character's appearance, he made a fatal misclick, hitting Ok instead of X, which caused his hair to change to short and brown.

Fear spread across Nation Creation, once Ninja told the people on the Chat about what had happened.

Scorched000 said "ninja wat happened to ur ossim hair" while Akuma Zero began listening to Party Rock Anthem, turning himself and briefly Ninja into shuffling zombies.

Ninja said he was becoming extremely depressed. Security cameras in Falador caught him running south past the west bank and illegally jumping over the damaged wall. Tragically, Ninja discovered he had to wait 2 hours in order to change it back.

Ninja was extremely upset. He would not be able to access the computer at 11:15 PM, and was forced to wait until Friday, the April 27th 2012 to change it.

Fortunately, Ninja is off on Friday, and will have lots of time to sleep in and still be able to change his hair back before it causes major damage.


File:Vancouver Celebrates
This caused severe depression to Ninja overnight. Fortunately, as soon as he woke up on the 27th of April, 2012 he was able to get on the computer and change his hair back.

Celebrations erupted now that Ninja had his old hair back. The video shown on the left shows a celebration of the event in downtown Vancouver, in British Columbia now that the noble King has gotten his glorious really light shade of purple hair back.

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