The first organized database for Nation Creation.

>>As for the point thing I posted earlier, completely forget about it. Here is the new, more useful and simplified version!

>>You can still count projects/wars modded that finished/took place on pages 36-present page!

Nation Creation StoreEdit

Bonus name (Cost in points): Description

• Basic Project Bonus (10 pts): Take 5 years off any single project.

• Medium Project Bonus (15 pts): Take 10 years off any single project.

• Large Project Bonus (25 pts): Take 20 years off any single project.

• Basic Project Bonus Bundle (50 pts): Take 15 years off of 3 different, single projects.

Nation Creation Point SystemEdit

• For projects that last at least 10 years, they are worth 6 points. Every 10 years, 1 point is added (So 20 is worth 7 points).

• You can gain 60 points every 20 years (I will post this – don’t even worry) from projects. Points from trading with players/modding wars are exempt from this cap.

• If you mod a war, you can either go with the project rewards, or you can take 10 points (Full-war) or 5 points (auto-mod).

• You can sell your nation’s stuff (Like tech) for points.

• For projects that you finish in waves, you can collect some points at each wave or wait until it is completely done and collect all the points

• YOU DO NOT, DO NOT, DO NOT NEED TO MAKE A PROJECT TIMELINE! If you can estimate project lengths (“Hmm… I’d say it lasted about 20 years”), you are fine.

• When keeping track of points, you can do something like: “Total: 100 points (20 from projects in the last 20 years).

• Co-op projects means everyone gets equal points (10-year co-op project means everyone participating gets 6 points).

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