The first organized database for Nation Creation.

The Nation Creation Platform (NCP) refers to all of the posts, rules, systems, and all elements of those systems in Nation Creation. The structure of the NCP determines not only how the gameplay is run, but also the overall stability of the gameplay.


The Nation Creation Platform is generally updated every once in a while, with a current rate of two or three times per year. Every time the NCP undergoes a major change, it is considered an entirely new version. Smaller changes are not considered to bump the NCP version up an entire level, as they are simply not documented.

Traditionally, the NCP was developed soley by Scorched125, receiving little input from other players. Usually there is no beta test to give the new features of a new NCP version a test, so they are simply rushed into action, entirely replacing the previous version. The current method involves getting a wider range of input, as well as utilizing a beta test.


Within the first few threads following the debut of Nation Creation, the NCP was altered very dramatically since all the players were just getting a feel for what it was, so the original platform wasn't valid as early as Nation Creation 2, when the NCP 2 was released. This platform was kept for a much longer time than the first, but come NC 7 the 3rd version of the platform was released. It featured a radically restructured thread which gave players more insight into the functions of the game, which were before only made known to the managers, who then relayed the information to the players when the need to do so arose. Some experimental new systems such as the Mutli-Country System were created, which were then scrapped after NC 8 when the fourth version of the Platform was released.

The fourth version was considered, by some players, to be the most stable release in memory. The main reason for this was a cleaner gameplay, which removed some less useful systems such as the Multi-Country system, cleaned other systems (Such as updating the War System), as well as defining the various aspects of the game fairly well, as the previous version had done. The main problem with this Platform was its overcomplication in some less-important areas, as well as its failure to recognize the need to restructure the systems that relied on management (As well as restructuring management itself). The fourth version did very well for the NC 8 restart, but with the second restart, the Platform fell apart as the demands placed on it were greated than it could handle.

Nation Creation eventlly crashed on thread 20, and the game was shut down for a temporary period of time. On September 25, 2010 (?), Nation Creation was restarted with the return of both Scorched and Teran as CEO and Supreme Commander & Chairman. The fourth version was trimmed and used again, but was later replaced by the fifth version. The fifth version featured a redesigned format, which to this day is more elaborately designed than any other thread of its kind on the RuneScape Forum Games. It removed many unnecessary features and trimmed others. The main problem was that it removed too many features, leaving gaping holes in gameplay which would not be realized until later. The major flaw was that it was too open, allowing any of the managers to interpret the game structure how they thought, which slowly but surely lead to an overly-restrictive style of gameplay.

Current DevelopmentEdit

Nation Creation Platform 6 had a beta test on the RuneScape Forum Games. The goal of the new version is take some of the features of the previous (Such as its overal page design, some of its rules, application/land claim forms, etc.), but touch on the areas where NCP 5 fell down, mostly by adding more clarified systems so that people aren't so confused and to prevent people from reinterpreting the systems of the game to run differently than they were intended to run.

NCP 6 has gone live with the creation of Nation Creation 34.

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