The first organized database for Nation Creation.

This is the official page for the Nation Creation Land List. You may update the land list when you gain or lose land, once you have updated your list, a map will be made later. You are allowed to edit your own land list, and someone elses only with consent.


  • Follow the format everyone else is doing, and try to make it look neat.
  • Do not put false claims on here, they will be undone.
  • Do not edit the map without the mapkeeper's consent.
  • Do not purposely vandalize this page.
  • Do not vandalize someone else's land list.

Land RulesEdit

Countries like the U.S., China, Russia, Indonesia, and Mexico have been split up into their major provinces/states to prevent someone from taking a large piece of land and overpowering.

Land that Has Been Split UpEdit

  • United States = States
  • China = Provinces
  • Russia = Oblasts
  • India = States/Pradeshes
  • Canada = Provinces/Territories
  • Mexico = States
  • Brasil = States
  • Indonesia = Major Islands

Players A-LEdit

Bismarck IEdit


-Sakhalin Oblast (Russia)

-Kuril Islands

-Falkland Islands

-South Sandwich Islands

-US Minor Outlying Islands

-Northern Mariana Islands


-Jovian Moons


-Beijing Municipality (China)

-Shanghai (China)

-Heilongjiang (China)

-Hebei (China)

-Shandong (China)

-Shanxi (China)

-Jiangsu (China)

-Jiangxi (China)

-Fujian (China)

-Taiwan (China)



-Suez Canal Territory

-Guinea (With Colombia)



-Siberian Confederation






-The Canary Islands

-The Balearic Islands


-Aquitaine (France)

-Centre (France)

-Limousin (France)

-Midi-Pyrenees (France)

-Languedoc-Roussillon (France)

-Auvergne (France)

-Poitou-Charentes (France)

-Pays-de-la-Loire (France)

-Bretagne (France)

-Basse-Normandie (France)

-Corsica (France)



-Western Sahara


-California (Debatable)

Echelon ZeroEdit




-West Virginia






-New Brunswick

-Prince Edward Island




-Nova Scotia



-New Hampshire


-Bermuda Island

-Faroe Islands


-Shetland Islands

-Queen Maud Land


-Rhode Island



-Sang I (Planet)

-Tranquilité I (Planet)

-Planète I (Planet)

-Judiciare I (Planet)

-Obsolète I (Planet)

-Rois I (Planet)

-Reines I (Planet)



-South America

-Guinea (With Avalon)


-Costa Rica

-French Antarctic Territories

-Magnus Clavicus

-Earthen Moon Colonies

-Martian Colonies

Forum LordEdit



-Solomon Islands

-Papua New Guinea

-New Zealand






-British Columbia


-Northwest Territrories




G Nite3Edit

-Colony on Terio


- North Eastern Continent of Omega 5



Jarred MilliEdit

-Krasnoyarsk Krai





-Provence-Alpes-Cote d' Azur (France)

-Rhone-Alpes (France)

-Franche-Comte (France)

-Bourgogne (France)

-Alsace (France)

-Lorraie (France)

-Champagne-Ardenne (France)

-Ile-de-France (France)

-Picardie (France)

-Nord-Pas-de-Calais (France)

-Haute-Normandie (France)

-Bosnia and Herzegovina







-Czech Republic














-Republic of Ireland





-All of Saturn's Moons

-Gliese 581 System

-Barkerian System

-Peace System

-Pentham System


-British Columbia











Players M-ZEdit






Pen ParEdit








-Sierra Leone


-New Vasari (1/5th of the Earth-like planet New Tehran)

-Alpha Cenutrai (space system)

-Mokhai System (space system)

Rache GlockEdit

-Two solar systems

-Southern Mexico


-The Azores



-El Salvador


-Ellesmere Island


-Colony on Elemon


The Omni1Edit




Vrangr WayneEdit

-N/A (Entire Nation supported in a space fleet.)

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