Country RubricEdit

Countries name:
Troop Number:
Government Type:
What is Your Country Type?(Example: Neutral)
Starting Military Technologies:
Extra information:

Land Claim RubricEdit

{C Country Name:
Land You Are Claiming:
Did You Take This Land By Force?:


3rd World Country- It is the rank that you are given as a beginner. You have a small undeveloped Army. You have a small undeveloped country. New countries are protected from being attacked for 5 days unless they decide to attack someone or if they are threatening another country then they can be attacked. In the event of extreme overpowering from a country under 5 days, they may be attacked.

2nd World Country- This is the rank you are given after you have been playing for a while. You have a powerful Army, a developed country, developed technology. You are considered an advanced country.

Superpowers- This is the rank you are given after you have been playing for quite some time. You have a large advanced military, you have advanced technology, and you have a very advanced country.

Other InformationEdit

- To advance a rank, you have to be approved.
- You can start off with modern technology from the real world.(Example: U.S.A. Technology, British Technology, etc.)
- The older your country is, the more powerful it becomes. But you must stay active. You can't join, leave for a month, come back and say your super powerful because your 1 month old. You must stay active to become more powerful.
- Nuclear weapons are only allowed for Superpowers. 3rd World and 2nd World countries can't build them.
- Anti-Matter weapons do not exist in this game.

Country ListEdit

After applying, please add yourself to the "Third World" category.



2nd WorldsEdit


3rd WorldsEdit

  • Djinnaken (The Omni1)
  • Kingdom of Quebec (Farma)
  • Eergos Conglomerate (Wane)
  • Holy Russian Empire (Bismarck)
  • United States of America (Glock)

Land ListEdit

Be reasonable with your land. Please update this when your land list changes.

Kingdom of Quebec (Farma)Edit


Djinnaken (Omni)Edit


Eergos Conglomerate (Wane)Edit


Holy Russian Empire (Bismarck)Edit


United States of America (Glock)Edit

-USA (there's a surprise) nigger

The Imperial Dominion of MarosiaEdit


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