Overview: You are allowed to use the chat as you please, but doing so means you are required to follow these guidelines. Just have fun, talk to other users and don't be disruptive.

The chat is consistently used by 10+ people every day, but in order to keep the peace within the chat this guide and rule base has been created.


1. When using the chat, you are bound by the Respect, PM Policy, Language, Ban Evasion and Common Sense policies. Read and become familiar with them.

2. Do not spam the chat. If you are doing something that causes other users to become highly annoyed and have to ask you to stop, you are spamming. This applies to private messages.

3. You are free to post links as you please, but link spamming or posting links to malicious and inappropriate sites is strictly forbidden.

4. If a player has done something in the chat or in your pm and a moderator was not around, screenshot the evidence!

Chat Mods/Wiki AdministratorsEdit

If you ever run into a problem, these are the people to go to. If, for example, someone has flamed you via pm and you want to report it, do as Rule 4 says and screenshot the evidence. You can either wait until any one of the following people are on, or go to their profile and leave them a message with the evidence (If you want to keep the report private, just wait until you can pm them).

The following people make up the MOD SQUAD!!

Chat ModsEdit

Mod Squad, Read This!Edit

When you are in the chat, please try to help keep the peace by coming to peaceful solutions (Without banning). However, since there are those times when this is not possible, utilize the 250mm Ban Cannon, but do it properly.

  1. If a user has started a flame war with another user, you can ban them just to stop them from disrupting the chat. If you are being flamed, you may go ahead and ban them from the wiki chat.
  2. For users that consistently spam the chat, you can warn them that they need to stop, but if they continue you can ban them.
  3. Once you have banned a user from the chat, go to the Chat Policy Logs article and enter the right information.

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