The first organized database for Nation Creation.

Created by Scorched, with input from Glock. From now on, you must post a list of how many planets you have, asking someone to mod them. Like wars/NPC-relations, any player can mod them. This will be done to both current planets you have and new planets you find. Said mod will take the following steps:

Using a random number generator (RNG), the min will be left at 1 and the max will be set at 150.

For each planet, have ONE number generated. The scale is as follows:

1-69=Gas Giant


120-139=Semi-habitable (Humans can live on them, but they will require various supply imports to survive)


Afterwards, the mod determines how many moons each planet have by using an RNG set at 1-150 again. The scale is as follows:

1-50=no moons

51-80=1 moon

81-120=2 moons

121-130=3 moons

131-140=4 moons

141-145=5 moons

146-150=6 moons

After this, the mod determines the quality of each moon. The scale is as follows:

1-134=Similar to Earth's moon (Size of small moon)

135-144=Semi-habitable (Size of Earth's moon)

145-150=Earth-status (Size of Titan)

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