Overview: If a mod bans you, DO NOT evade the ban. This has become a problem lately with players not seeing a chat ban as serious and just getting around it, but as of now this will result in an IP ban.

While the NC Wiki Chat is a much more open environment, as it should be, but there are certain instances where the Mod Squad will have to crack down on bad language.

Racial SlursEdit

Nation Creation is not an organization that is racist or prejudiced against anyone. The use of racial slurs will result in a warning kick, and continued usage will result in an immediate ban.

This ties in perfectly with the NC Wiki’s Respect policy.

Abusive SwearingEdit

Abusive swearing is just what it sounds like: using foul language with the intent of directing it at another chat user. Like racial slurs, this ties in perfectly with the Respect policy.

Excessive SwearingEdit

  • THIS IS NOT A BANNEABLE OFFENSE unless the user is uncooperative with other players/Mod Squad members.

While swearing that does not violate anything outlined above is fine, there is a point where it becomes ridiculous. As an example, if it seems like you’re swearing so much that it’s in every other sentence, you are likely going to become annoying to the other chat members, and this is a problem.

While I would not advise ANY moderators ban anyone because of this (So long as the above two conditions are not violated), people in the chat may request that the player tone the swearing done to more acceptable levels. If the player does not cooperate, the Mod Squad may kick them from the chat as a warning. If they then either A) Escalate their swearing after the kick, or B) Begin abusing the mods/other players because now they’re mad, the Mod Squad may issue a ban.

This ties into both the Respect and Common Sense policies.

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