This contract is for a war that took place on NC 41 between Rache Glock and Bismarck II, moderated by Akuma Zero.

The contract terms and signature area are located below

Terms of ContractEdit

  1. All signatures must not question the decision made by the moderator, Akuma Zero.
  2. All signatures must not take my decisions to a higher official.
  3. All signatures are not to insult the moderator, Akuma Zero.
  4. All signatures may not refer to the moderator, Akuma Zero, as "biased" in any way, or suggest that he is biased.
  5. If any of these five terms are violated, the punishment will be immediate. (listed below)

Terms of PunishmentEdit

  1. You automatically lose the war, and are forced into surrender conditions given by the victor
  2. You lose all land save your starting land
  3. You are not able to use the terms of restart specified on the thread, instead you are given a population max of forty-five million.
  4. In addition to this, your starting economy is worth exactly $600,000,000,000.01
  5. You do not start with the tech you previously had.
  6. Even if you restart, the terms given by the victor still stand. (The terms may not forbid you from restarting ever again.)
  7. All of these apply until the next official restart of Nation Creation.


  • ===Akuma Zero===
  • Rache Johannes Glock Sr
  • Otto von Bismarck II

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