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Israeli ArmyEdit

The Israeli Army is a powerful land force, with unrivaled skill, organization, and power. Up until the death of Emperor Darius by Iranian rebel forces, the Israeli Army had been in steady decline. The once great force of nearly 1,250,000 active forces (With the activation of many reserve forces due to wide-spread rebellion) has dwindled to nearly 750,000 due to desertion, war, and constant rebellion.

With the rise of Crassus, the Army is seeing new light as it is being rapidly reorganized and repositioned. Under Crassus, the Israeli Army is being used much more effectively to combat internal problems.

Basic Overview of the Organization of the Israeli ArmyEdit

  • A General may step in to lead any part of his Division (That isn't below the rank of Regiment) in specific situations, as with General Crassus in Bahrain
  • This is loosely based off of modern army organization, with names/numbers switched around

Fireteam - 4 - Non-Commissioned Officer

Squad - 8 - Squad leader

Platoon - 26 - Platoon leader

Company - 225 - Captain

Batalion - 1,300 - Colonel

Regiment - 3000 - Lieutenant

Field Army - 12,000 - Major General

Corps - 24,000 - Lieutenant General

Division - 48,000 - General

Legion - Formed by the merging of 2 Divisions - 96,000 troops - Field Marshal (Hand-picked by the Dictator)

Israeli NavyEdit

Currently, the Israeli navy has active fleets in the Mediterranean, the Atlantic (North and South), the Arabian, and Indian Oceans. The Israeli navy does not operate in the Pacific ocean.

Up until recently, its naval power was uncontested in every body of water that it was present. Currently, their (formerly) largest fleet, the Mediterranean Fleet, was severly damaged during war-time and has not fully recovered. In order to compensate, ships from the Atlantic Fleets have been pulled into the Mediterranean in order to help maintain Israel's coastal security for Med.-bordering states.

Naval MapEdit


Black Square = Major Naval Fleet

Red Square = Damaged Major Naval Fleet

Grey Square = Major Naval Base

Orange Line = Cyrus' naval wall

Dark Blue Regions = Areas under Israel's control

Red Region = Disputed Territory

File:A large blank world map with oceans marked in blue.png

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