This is not to be confused with the 250mm Ban Cannon, which seeks to promote order on an in-chat scale.

The Iron Fist was created by AmunRa (Scorched) and Teran Marine. During times of trial, the Iron Fist will be brought in to establish order through extreme force!

What to ExpectEdit

Wiki-wide death for the individuals that mess up so dearly as to warrant the use of the Iron Fist.

First UsesEdit

To this date, the Iron Fist has not been summoned by the primary Executives (Scorched, Teran and Kyr). Let us keep it this way!


Due to the extreme nature of the Iron Fist, it is only brought in when the 250mm Ban Cannon fails to establish order within the chat.

If the Iron Fist is needed to reinforce the 250mm Ban Cannon, Chat Policy will not necessarily apply, and those causing the disturbances will see their account blocked on a wiki-wide scale!

TOR has a 100% success rate of circumventing the Iron Fist. I dare you to try it.


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