Invasion of Haida
Date June 17th, 986
Location Haida City
Result Viking retreat, heavy damage and losses to the city.

Offensive: Vikings

Defensive: Haida

Commanders and Leaders

Offense Leaders:


Defense Leaders:



Offensive: 4,500 Vikings

Defensive: About 4,000 soldiers

Casualties and Losses
Military Casualties: Heavy, about 3,500

Civilian Casualties: None

Military Casualties: Heavy, about 3,100

Civilian Casualties: About 3,000

Timeline of the WarEdit

First DayEdit

File:2012-05-18 07.44.38.png

The Viking ship Heybro arrived silently to Haida, and sunk the Natives' ship Ono very quickly. They destroyed the stairs, trapping sailors aboard before sinking the ship. They quickly docked on the shore, and many of the Vikings began pouring out of the ship, lighting the gate aflame to gain entry.

More Vikings, waiting for entry headed east and lit the Summers' mansion on fire, killing everyone inside, except John Summers.


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