Main Point: Although images are not required to be screened and approved by an Admin before you upload it, you need to make sure you at least keep them appropriate.

With over 2,000 pictures, we need at least some guidance! When following this, don't foget about the Respect and Common Sense policies, which tie in well with this.

Image PoolEdit

This is basically the space you go when you want to view all of the pictures that have been uploaded to the wiki. So, I am just referring to the images that everyone can see, anyone can put into an article and anyone can use.

For this, just remain reasonable with what you upload. If it is offensive, malicious or inappropriate, it will be deleted and you may subject your account to a ban by an Admin.

Profile PicturesEdit

You are allowed to change your profile picture whenever you want, of course, but please remain reasonable for these as well. For offensive, malicious or inappropriate pictures, you will be asked to change them. If you do not change this/outright refuse, you may be banned by an Admin.

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