So, you want to make a modern-day sammich, eh? Well let me explain to you.

Gathering the SuppliesEdit

Gathering your supplies is a very important step, for if you don't do this step, you simply can't go forward!

You will need:








-A meat substance of some sort *rubs fingers together*

-Phone with Internet access

-Facebook account


-A plate

-Desire to make said sammich

Making "It"Edit

It = the sammich

First, take your plate and place it on a sturdy surface. This is important because, if the surface is not sturdy, your sammich could fall on the floor, and you will have to restart. :(

Second, take two pieces of bread, and place them opposite each other on the plate. These are the "platforms" for "receiving" the "it" ingredients.

Take your meat substance and place it on the bread. Following this, take your cheese and place it on the WARNING! ALWAYS take a bite of the cheese first! bread.

Apply the tomato carefully to the bread. Insert ketchup on top of tomato within 30 seconds. Following this, insert the mustard.

Finally, smother it in mayo, and place the empty slice on top of the slice filled with stuff. If you end up with a cheezburger, you've gone too far.

Share Your WorkEdit

With the sammich still on the plate, take your phone with internet access out and take a picture of it. Promptly upload it to Facebook so your friends can see that you have nothing else to post other than a sammich.

Make sure you create the album "Sammich", and make sure the description is "Look what I did! :D" DO NOT leave out a smiley face, or Teran WILL come and KIll YoU.

Eat Your WorkEdit

Sit down at your favorite table. Gaze at the sammich for exactly 17 seconds, and then gently raise it off the plate.

With no part of you touching the table, insert sammich into mouth and take a bite! DO NOT INSERT ENTIRE SAMMICH INTO YOUR MOUTH ALL AT ONCE!

You have successfully completed this guide. Gratz man.

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