Guard battalions were a particular type of Lorian Airborne Troops used in several conflicts.

They consisted of 4 companies:

Leapers-3 platoons mounted on Humvee like vehicles these mobile platforms are equipped with stand off weaponry like HMG’s and anti-tank missiles to ambush and engage enemy units. They’re supported by a heavy mortar platoon also mounted on trucks. As ground forces depend on roads for rapid movement this means they must advance in column meaning easy to ambush. They’ll ambush the enemy, causing confusion then retreat at speed before the enemy can deploy air or indirect fire support. Their ambushes will take advantage of obstacles and mines placed by the demos. Attackers have to choose between pressing head and suffering losses or letting engineers clear the road.

Demos-Engineers specialized in counter-mobility by using explosives to destroy bridges, crater roads, create rockslides and plant mines to support ambushes. They’ll blow up anything of use to the enemy.

Specialists-12 independent squads use to harass enemy rear units. They’lll operate from light trucks, motorcycles, infantry light support vehicles (like the star wars STAP) or on foot depending on the terrain. They’ll hide from advancing colums of combat units, then attack the support elements following behind. Basic missions include small ambushes, sniping and road mining.

HQ-does HQ things.

One of these battalions will slow an enemy advance and make them frustrated and careless. After a dozen leaper ambushes, he’ll push ahead without armed recon. They’ll be in trouble when they encounter a regular force or perhaps they’ll chase the leaper platoon only to find the leapers much stronger friends.

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