This is an interesting page I found used as a parody/mockery of users on various forums.

It gives a list of common types of forum users, all of which can almost certainly be found on NC somehow. Feel free to classify yourself and everyone else!

The Omni1Edit

Omni is a mysterious individual, who can fit into multiple categories.

ALLCAPS: Omni tends to do this when angered.

Compost: Omni can do this when angered, especially if Fen is on the receiving end.

Duelist: With Fen.

Furious Typer: Sometimes, when Omni isn't half-asleep.

Grunter: This is Omni when on the chat and half-asleep.

Propeller Head: Not a 100% pure specimen, but Omni knows his way around a computer enough to evade an IP ban. Apparently some of us don't?...

Troller: What Omni is most famous for being.

Yuk Yuk: On occasion.

Forum Lord

Diplomat: I'm pretty sure this is basically all I do...

Eagle Scout: I hope I'm not being too arrogant and saying this.

Jekyl and Hyde: When I get mad, I get mad. Just it never happens.

Nanny: I try to make sure everyone is nice, albiet without posessing any form of authority.

Big Cat: It's a cat. I like cats. Therefore it is in here, regardless of accuracy.

Philosopher: Kind of, except I'm not quite smart enough to pull it off completely.

Anyway, I apologise for doing this, I just got bored.


Bored as well, but I couldn't find anything that really describes me. >_>

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