Fairen Public School
Fairen Public School


156 Fake Road, Vancouver, British Columbia

School board

Vancouver District School Board


Charles DeMill (Until 2002)




English, French Immersion


Bald Eagle


Lime Green and White

Fairen Public School was an elementary school in Vancouver, British Columbia that was closed in the summer of 2002 due to various issues. Enrolment at the time of closure was just 175, despite the school's size due to these issues.


Fairen Public School was construction during 1943, one of the three French Immersion public schools in Vancouver, which caused enrolment, at it's peak in 1972 to be as high as 512, which required a third floor and a section in the west side of the school to be built.

In 1974, a student (Wilfred Allan, referred to as Winky by close friends) was accidentally locked in the school overnight, he was found dead by the custodian the next day, having committed suicide. Following this incident, enrolment rapidly decreased at the school.

Quite often, "R.I.P Winky" is carved into a wall of the school. With enrolment decreasing, in 2002, the school was officially closed.

In 2012, three men entered the school and recorded a ten minute long video exploring the school. Classrooms remained with desks and chairs, and many still had things written on the chalkboard, and at 9:00, the national anthem was automatically played as it had been before. They also took several old duotangs, many of which still had schoolwork in them which were later sold on ebay. The men were permanently banned from any School Board property across the city.

To be continued. (Dun dun dun)

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