File:D chip 1.jpg

D Chip (formerly Fajner1) is a non-member on the RuneScape Forums and is a player of Create Your Own Country. He is also a substitute member of the Board of Selected States.


D Chip's avatar is currently the standard non-member question mark, but used to be short purple hair.


D Chip was once named Fajner1. However, in a plot to annoy E Chip, he renamed himself D Chip.


D Chip controls the country "Nera," which is currently ranked as #7 in the CYOC Country Rankings. Nera is D Chip's third nation, the first two having been destroyed shortly after creation in CYOC 15 and 16, respectively.

Nera was formed sometime between October and December 2009, and D Chip has decided that November 2nd would be seen as Nera's "birthday."

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