CAVs were an armoured vehicle employed by the GLOCK.

CAVs are operated by two crewmen sitting closely in tandem, with the gunner elevated two feet higher and the head of the driver between his knees. This is just a shield for infantrymen. It will also have racks to carry their packs, and a fold down fireman's step in the rear so several grunts can ride along. Perhaps an entire squad will climb aboard when combat action is minimal.

CAV’s will have a dozer-type blade on their front to knock down gates and doors, and to push cars, bomblets, and debris aside. They can drive down narrow streets, alleys, into warehouses, and across small bridges where tanks cannot venture. They’ll also prove their value in confined areas like forests and small mountain roads. They will serve as a munitions magnet, attracting fire from defenders who are puzzled and frightened by this small indestructible "thing" that survives multiple hits from heavy machine guns, roadside bombs, and RPGs. They’re equipped with one 40mm grenade launcher, one 12.7mm MG, one 7.62mm rapidfire MG. Some CAVs mount Anti-tank launchers. Meanwhile, fire support coordinators and tanks following behind the CAV will note the location of enemy fires and destroy those targets. Grunts will love the CAV since they are easy to work with. They don't produce burning heat like the gas turbine M-1 tank, so it is easy to follow behind. They can also see over the top of a CAV when moving forward. The CAV will train with grunts and take care not to run them over. The gunner will have an excellent view in all directions, and his knees will be next to the driver's shoulders so they will develop an immediate tactile method to instantly maneuver in close quarters.

In addition, grunts will not worry about getting knocked out from gun blasts, which is a major issue when a tank fires its 120mm main gun. They can only be defeated by a lucky shot from a major caliber gun or large anti-tank missile. This will be difficult because of the small frontal section and low heat sig.

As two of these can be carried inside a heavy transport helo in addition to the infantry, they have an important role in support helicopter assaults.

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