Main Point: We all have the ability to use logic and reason to our advantage. Do not shut these out.

We are a community, and all of us are empowered with the gifts of logic and reason, which can be used to uphold this Common Sense policy.

When To UseEdit

(This is just one example)

You are going through the wiki one day, checking all the articles that were recently edited, and you notice someone has posted an offensive picture on an otherwise legitimate article. Instead of waiting for a mod to review the situation, you go into the article and remove it since it is clearly meant to mess up the flow of the article.

When Not To UseEdit

You have recently started a flame war with another player in the chat, and neither of you did anything to stop it. When a mod decided that you guys had disrupted the chat enough, said mod kicked you.

Now, common sense tells you that chat kicks do nothing to block your IP, so you simply create another account and log back into the chat so that you can flame the mod that kicked you.

Obviously what happens next is you are kicked again, and on the chat logs you receive a mark for "Flaming a user" and another for "Flaming a mod", meaning you now have double the chances of being IP banned.

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