This document is for the log of current warnings by chat mods. Be aware that this has been reset!

After you have kicked someone from the chat, put down their general name (For example, Scorched is my general name), the date, why you kicked them, and the username they were on when you kicked them.


General Name: Date.Offense.Username

User BansEdit

The Omni1Edit

04/16/12 (16 April, 2012): Space-spammed another chat, almost got our chat DDoS'ed, multiple witnesses.

  • KentuckyFriedChicken kicked by E Chip.
  • Dark Lord Pwnage kicked by Forum Lord.

04/19/12 (19 April, 2012): Sexual insults. Evading Ban.

  • Phenomenol kicked by Akuma Zero.
  • Robot Kyr kicked by Akuma Zero.
  • WARPDRIVE kicked by Akuma Zero.

04/21/12 (21 April, 2012): Evading ban.

  • Strawberrypieking kicked by Akuma Zero.

04/23/12 (23 April, 2012): Excessive trolling, intruding on private meetings, evading kickban.

  • Trololoumad kicked by Akuma Zero/Akuma Zero.
  • TheOmni2 kicked by Akuma Zero/Akuma Zero.
  • TheOmni3 kicked by Akuma Zero/Scorched000.
  • The Magnificence kicked by Akuma Zero/Akuma Zero.

Notes: Had to kick all four accounts twice.

05/15/12: Evading Ban placed by Terran, excessive trolling, and general Omni-actions

  • You are losing the game kicked by Ranthar Wane.

06/7/12: Sexual insults, evading ban placed by Scorched.

  • Lieutenant Commander Data kicked by Scorched000.
  • Lieutenant Commander Data2 kicked by E Chip.

06/9/12: Abusing another chat user.

  • Lieutenant Commander Data kicked by Scorched000.

06/10/12: Racial slurrs

  • Lieutenant Commander Data banned by Scorched000.


5/6/12: Posted an extremely crude pic that hurt Fen's and Omni's virgin eyes.

  • Margerald kicked by Scorched000.

Ban has been removed.

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