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CYOC: Minecraft is an upcoming game in the CYOC genre. In order to play, people will have to buy Minecraft. It will be Create Your Own City, as a country would be nearly impossible to make.

Play now using this IP until CYOC Minecraft is officially opened.

Server Status:



After an invasion of zombies, skeletons and worst, only a handful of people remain. These people want to start over. Now, in a world filled with dungeons, strongholds and small villages, you must create a new city!

Starting OutEdit

Upon starting, the user will be placed in a small spawn room. This room will explain the rules of the server and what you have to do. A door is to one side, and when the user exits, they will be placed in the vast world of Minecraft.

The user will be given creative mode, in order to build their city, and once they have finished their city, they may be switched into Survival Mode. Survival Mode "Apocalypse" will occur at the beginning of the Northern Hemisphere Summer/Southern Hemisphere Winter, it is where everyone has to switch over to survival regarless of how finished you are in your city.


  • 123xyz8 = 123xyz8
  • Comrade = Rache Glock
  • Goman = Volcano1qaz
  • Llyarden = Galaman
  • Damecles = Bismarck II
  • Legless562 = Legless562
  • Farmadyll = Farmadyll




Juton CityEdit

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