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Bornika is a country just off the coast of what was the republic of Liba until the Bornikans finally beat the Libans and Returned peace to Bornakada which is the planet's name.


Bornaka being the capital of Bornika is a rather overpopulated city with very little roads. They have the city style of Rome Italy there being almost only walkways all around the city. Although the streets begin to large in size as you get into the town square where the Palace of Bornika is found.

The Plalace home to King Tokugawa along with his Wife Irena and his Daughter Irene.

Palace OverviewEdit

The palace consists of a series of gret halls along with Special Forces and has an underground area where most of the Utility and Labs are.

Political IssuesEdit

Bornika has always had problems with the rest of the country's but it has settled down after the birth of soon to be Queen Irene. As Tokugawa totaly changed his character. The GEH have took control of Bornika for a little time rendering the palace or the council useless. Tokugawa dos not mind this as they are keeping the Utility and the crime rate controlled on the GEH's dime.

File:Bornaka palace..jpg

The Great WarEdit

The war between the Librans and the Bornikans went on for quite a while. As the Librans were almost on par with the Bornikans but somehow they managed to beat them in and turn their Country into a lifeless wasteland which was used to make nucler weapons before the GEH's intervention.

Irenina The small mountain town of Irenina a mining and mountain town outside of the regular Bornikan deep jungle is a small cold environment that is usually a relaxing and romantic place to visit. As the town is easy going, Friendly, in the mountains, rich with gold, and overall a very nice place.


The Great PathEdit

The great path is a huge, wide, and long walkway in the Bornikan jungle leading to Irenina. It is very tiring and very hard to reach Irenina but the nearby coffee stands work wonders. The walk is worth it as the views are spectacular and the destination is great! It is extremely hard to make it to Irenina walking so that means some bikes are for rent at the crossing station both in Irenina and Bornaka.

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