• Scorched000


    June 19, 2012 by Scorched000

    Due to a recent problem, we have temporarily moved the chat from this wiki to our BoD Wiki.

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  • Scorched000

    Well, the Wiki Chat exploded and I can't get it back up and running through the Admin panel. Apparently this is happening over the ENTIRE Wikia network, so we're going to improvise!

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  • Scorched000

    For the past 3+ years, Nation Creation has been centered on RuneScape, but not anymore! For the first time in NC history, the game has been successfully moved to its own site with its very own domain! :D

    For those of you who don't know about it already, feel free to head over there, sign-up and begin playing. If you have any questions, ask on the site or go to the Wiki Chat and ask there.

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  • R.Glock

    Arguing with Retards

    May 20, 2012 by R.Glock

    It's like playing chess with a pigeon; no matter how good you are, the pigeon is just going to knock over the pieces, crap on the board and strut around like it's victorious.

    Unfortunately, I didn't come up with this quote. But I feel it applies to several ncers.

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  • Trololo umad


    May 18, 2012 by Trololo umad

    I hereby claim all rights to launch these type of games on NationStates. Apparently Scorched did it without notifying me, despite the fact it was my idea in the first place. Thank you for notifying me of this, Bowser.

    Rights are free again on June 10th, as that's when I'm preparing to do some stuff myself. (Watch Scorched launch it June 9 just to piss me off)

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  • Trololo umad


    May 16, 2012 by Trololo umad
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  • Trololo umad

    because fuck that other soundtrack

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  • Trololo umad


    April 20, 2012 by Trololo umad


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  • R.Glock

    Current stuff discussed:

    • Smiley-retain the fear gas
    • Papermen-reduced to nerf so they’re slower and weaker than humans
    • High density High velocity rounds are capable of piercing tank rear/flank armour for the cannon and apc rear/flank armour for the small arms.
    • Grey rain-returned to normal
    • PIDS has been unnerfed
    • Duster has been unvoided
    • Anti-laser aerosol has been unvoided but it will only work on a limited number of wavelengths
    • Asteroid defence grid has been unvoided provided it isn’t mass produced
    • Datalet is unvoided
    • Spacechaff is unvoided
    • The nerf on alki is reversed. The paintstripping abilities are retained but the anti-nanite stuff is gone
    • Illusion is unvoided-I think not 100% sure
    • Functions 1+2 of monopoles are unvoided

    Inertial suppression: Voided …

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  • Akuma Zero

    Rubber Chickens

    April 17, 2012 by Akuma Zero

    As i've come to find out after a while, the NC community is dominated by Rubber Chicken Lore.

    What is everyone's opinions on Rubber Chickens, if I may ask? I have always wondered what a legion of Stormtroopers would look like marching into battle carrying Rubber Chicken Blasters.

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  • KentuckyFriedChicken


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  • Trololo umad

    Wuat duh f is this

    April 6, 2012 by Trololo umad

    It's wuatduhf.

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  • Trololo umad

    These are the songs on my iPod Touch, read into it as you wish.

    War of the Gods

    Bach Cello Suite no. 1 Prelude

    Ode to Joy

    Mirror Mirror



    Chrono Trigger Theme

    Schala's Theme

    Do You Really Want To Hurt Me

    Karma Chameleon


    10,000 Fists

    Hallowed Be Thy Name


    Maid With The Flaxen Hair



    Coco Jamboo

    Moves Like Jagger

    When We Stand Together



    Fasten Your Seatbelts

    Hey There Delilah

    Hey There Cthulhu

    Korobeiniki (red army choir)

    Never Gonna Give You Up (umad?)

    Sleep Away

    Sad Violin

    Drive By

    Hey Soul Sister


    Heart of Courage


    To Glory

    Universal Soldier (Donovan)

    Get Ready 4 This (6 min rap edit)

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  • Trololo umad

    Goku vs Superman

    Star Trek vs Star Wars

    Xeelee vs Time Lords

    Empire vs Imperium of Man

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  • Trololo umad


    April 6, 2012 by Trololo umad


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  • Trololo umad

    There are three kinds of people who watch Star Trek.

    You know trekkies. Those annoying jerks who love Star Trek, but also secretly want to kill William Shatner for telling them to get a life.

    Almost human beings. Almost. Yes, they bought that 300$ model of the Enterprise from the Franklin Mint, but meh.

    A surprisingly large number of them watch Star Trek. Not because they want to be entertained by the "drama" or because they want to look for reasons to discredit the fact that the Death Star would beat the Enterprise-D in a fight. Look to the right to see why.

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  • Trololo umad

    NCC signup.

    April 6, 2012 by Trololo umad

    Countries name: Djinnaken

    Economy: Capitalism

    Population: 128,000,000

    Troop Number: 50,000

    Ruler: God-Emperor Omni

    Government Type: Dicktatership

    Currency: Omni

    What is Your Country Type?: PSYCHOTIC MOTHAFUCKAS

    Starting Military Technologies: 2012 US tech.

    extra information: you are all jelly

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  • Trololo umad

    So I'm activating an auto build thing for tanks, ships, planes, etc. As for spaceships, they will be built automatically but I'll release specs. This is NCC, I can do this. if you think otherwise fuck you

    Tier 1 tech complete.

    Lasers, Cyberguns, Plasma Shields, (regular armor upgrades), Fusion, Factory Construction, GM Soldiers, various other tech too minor to be mentioned.

    New ship specs:


    Length: 500m

    Weapons: 30 Laser arrays

    Defense: Plasma Shielding

    Power: Fusion Core

    Crew: 100 GM Soldiers

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  • Trololo umad

    EAW signup

    April 6, 2012 by Trololo umad
    • Empire Name: Republic of Hell
    • Population: 20,000
    • Military: 2,000
    • Affiliation: Zaros
    • Race(s): Human
    • Starting Land: Varrock
    • Items: nyan yet
    • Extra Information: WELCOME TO HELL.
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  • Trololo umad
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  • Trololo umad

    How to troll

    April 6, 2012 by Trololo umad

    Page is loading, please wait.

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  • Trololo umad

    EAW projects

    April 6, 2012 by Trololo umad

    We are arming all our people with steel weapons and armor. 1 Year

    Later tiers:

    Black- 5 Years

    Mithril- 10 Years

    Adamant- 10 Years

    Rune- 20 Years

    We are training our "Special Forces" mages, as it were, to level 10 summoning. 2 Years

    A larger project. We want to train our mages to teleport. Obviously they will still need runes. 15 Years

    Later Tiers (after this tier)

    -Teleportation 2: Train them to teleport "reactionlessly."

    -Teleportation 3: Train them to teleport small distances during battle.

    -Teleportation 4: Train the to teleport without runes and only equipment.

    -Teleportation 5: Train them to teleport anywhere.

    -Teleportation 6: Build a teleportation network through as much of Gielinor as possible.

    We want to design a rifle for our "regular" soldier…

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  • Trololo umad

    Spaceship sizes.

    Because I can't fucking be asked to come up with weapons or production rates. SUFFICE TO SAY IT USES WHAT IT CAN USE.

    Fighter: 1m

    Corvette: 5m

    Sloop: 20m

    Cruiser: 100m

    Warship: 1km

    Battleship: 5km

    Dreadnought: 20km

    Godship: 50km

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  • Trololo umad

    Make sure to watch it on actual Youtube, turn it to 720p and make it fullscreen so it's legible.

    If you have any questions about what these are, I'll tell you. But if you ask about one of the more advanced ones, don't expect legitimate science at all.

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  • Trololo umad

    We are attempting to create practical laser rifle for our soldiers on the ground. It will fire quick pulses of 250kW.

    We are also attempting to make our railguns better and portable.

    We have begun the building of factories to allow us to build more things.

    We have started work on making our fusion better.

    We have begun on plasma shields. We expect them to not be perfect at this stage, but meh.

    We have started building of modern-day st00f. At this tier, it is 10 F-15s and 200 Abrams per year.

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  • Trololo umad

    Basically, I took Scorched's mention that tech advanced faster in NCC and changed my list accordingly.



    A cycle= 20 Years. A project may not start at cycle 1, if it starts at cycle 5 it starts at country age 100.

    Current tier: 0

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  • Trololo umad

    added more shit, sped shit up because tech is apparently advancing so fucking fast.

    Assuming wane's system applies retroactively, the year is 2020. Tier 1 almost done. I also want this to count retroactively due to catching up reasons.



    A cycle= 10 Years. A project may not start at cycle 1, if it starts at cycle 5 it starts at country age 50. If tiers are skipped, that means continual development of the last tier.

    Current tier: 0

    Begin building of tanks. These are like tanks but, well... better due to the time. For an idea, think HEAVY AS F**K like a f**king Ratte.

    Begin building of fighters and gunships too.

    And navy shit.

    in other words, cba to think of actual numbers, but i'm fucking giving orders, so who giv…

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  • Scorched000


    March 31, 2012 by Scorched000

    Recently, there was an Executive meeting in which we went over the chat policy, and we have made a far better and simpler chat policy.

    For starters, there are TWO ways that you can get your warning count reset to 0.

    1. Go 1 full week without getting anymore warnings.
    2. Receive a warning reset by an Executive (CEO/ED).

    Now, as for the actual policy, here it is:

    • Informal Warning: This comes before your FIRST warning (If your warnings are reset, you get another informal warning) in which the mods are able to give you a warning that does not count. You only receive one of these, and once you have received warning one (Until you are reset), you have no more informal warnings.
    • Warnings 1-3: These warnings are just what the name implies - warnings. Basically,…
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  • ~Farma

    Okay... so recently... I have updated the NC Land List to include more features such as more detail and easier accessibility. If you want to check it out click the orange text that says 'NC Land List'.

    You have to click the header for this to click the link, if you are reading this on the homepage :)

    ~ FarmaScape

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  • ~Farma
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  • ~Farma


    March 28, 2012 by ~Farma

    I haz nothings to says. :C

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  • Volcano1qaz

    The ability to stop time, obviously. However, after thinking about the ability to stop time, I wondered for a long time about its possible consequences, and the various types of progressing through a stopped time.

    This implies that whatever method the person has used to stop time affects everything that is not them or on their person. Numerous problems result as a consequence of this.

    First, consider this. The person in question is moving while everything else is stopped. The person is moving at a greater than infinite number times the speed of every other object around him/her. As a result, anything the person touched during this time would be completely obliterated.

    Secondly, they're blind. They've stopped time itself, and everything that i…

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  • Scorched000

    Stratus - Wave I

    March 24, 2012 by Scorched000

    The first wave of articles that are intended to be incorporated into the new Stratus section of the wiki has been compiled. Please note that this is not the entire list of articles (For NC alone O_O) that will be added to Stratus.

    As for everyone on this list, if you are the primary owner of the article, it would be good to talk to me in the chat. There are some things that I need to go over with you (Such as what minor layout changes need to be made) before I add your article(s) to Stratus.

    • Please note that for any articles that I have made (Such as Nation Creation, Nation Creation Platform, etc.) are included on this list anyway, even though no one has to worry about them.
    • Feel free to suggest articles for Wave 2, even though I will be hand…
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  • Rpvictor

    My Projects

    March 17, 2012 by Rpvictor

    39.44:00.00: !=1: Cyber warfare.

    39.45:00.00: Lewis Structure Timed Test: Genetics. Includes DNA computing, genetic modification and cures.

    39.46:00.00: Solar Power: Fusion efficiency increasing.

    39.46:00.00: Abyss Radian: Core techology.

    39.46:00.00: Irish Requiem: Shielding.

    39.46:00.00: Interceptor: Nanotech.

    39.47:00.00: Observer: HFPE. Spies.

    39.47:00.00: Specter: EMP. EMP-Resist.

    39.49:39.63: Carbon: Cloning.

    39.49:00.00: Copper: Droids.

    39.49:00.00: Lead: Defensive structures.

    30.50:00.00: Let There Be Light: Invisibility.

    30.53:00.00: Overruled: Dimension/universe creation.

    39.56:00.00: Black-Net: HFPE. Work with GLOCK.

    39.58:00.00: 11200: Satellites.

    39.88:00.00: Antoinette: Mob psychology.

    39.88:00.00: DHS: Basic anti-terrorism stuff.


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  • Rpvictor

    A Random Thought

    March 14, 2012 by Rpvictor

    A random thought:

    If things continue at their current rate, how long will it be before the Troll Pages consume the Wiki? There are tons of them, but Scorched will not let me delete a single one because "they make me [Scorched] lol." Yes, the test for whether a wiki page should be allowed is if its funny. I am now somewhat frightened for the future of this wiki.

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  • Ranthar Wane


    March 8, 2012 by Ranthar Wane

    Hi guys,

    I've been hearing plenty about people wanting a full scale map for NC. (or other games who choose to use the product of the map.)

    I'm beginning work on the model today, and once I get the Sol system all done, I'll post some photos for you all to check out and provide feedback on.

    However, I will be unreachable from the 9th-17th of March, so this won't be getting worked on.

    Anyway, the main thing I need from you NC players, is information on where your star system claims lie. I'll also need the full listing of your claims on Exo-Sol land so that I can make this fully accurate.

    Now for my vision:

    I think that the design will largely be as follows: a star chart of a sort will be my entire backdrop, probably built into a massive dome. (With…

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  • Rpvictor

    I am please to announce that all articles on the Wikia have now been categorized! (Trolls who create more uncategorized articles will be met with velcro, a funnel, the Nile during flood season, and some very uncomfortable planks of wood.)

    This is not to say that categories do not need to be reworked. If you reasonably think that categories should be changed in any way, do not hesitate to do so unless told otherwise by moderation.

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  • Scorched000

    Before I go into details, I need to thank Farma, NC's new Creative Director, for helping put together the current prototype model of the home page.

    This project, which was recently started, seeks to address the poor state of Administrator-maintained content, which includes the main page above all.

    In short, the main page was uninspiring and overall unhelpful, and we seek to change that. With the current prototype model of the new main page layout, what you'll see is that major content such as the Content and Latest News sections appear as the main chunk of the home page, while things like the Featured Article and Latest Poll are featured on the sidebar. More content will be added soon for your benefit.

    The main goals are as follows:

    • Make the m…

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  • Ranthar Wane

    Firstly, sorry about disappearing, I was up in the mountians yet again. I will also be absent ~9-18th of March.

    Rp's rolls:

    8- SPV, 3- SPV, 7- SOS (spell o seeing)


    5- nothing 9- nothing

    • Name: UnderRealm
    • Population: 22,000
    • Military: 2,700
    • Items: 1 x SPV, 1 x Merc Rec, o x lotto tokens.

    Very soon I shall unveil the "Evil Chicken" prayers.

    (Someone will need to moderate this, they do not have to be part of the game.)

    Military breakdown:

    ~level 55 as compared to a player.

    1,000 Ork warriors. (In A mixture of Mithril/Adamant level equipment.)

    1,000 Dogreshuun Hobgoblin Rangers. (In a mixture of snakeleather/green d'hide level equipment. A slightly weaker mass produced version of Zanik's X-bow is in use, along with Swamp gas bolas. 250 Riding giant frog…

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  • Ranthar Wane
    • Name: UnderRealm
    • Population: 22,000
    • Military: 2,600
    • Items: 1 x SPV, 1 x Merc Rec, 1 x lotto tokens.

    Token claimed and used.

    Rp's roll is: 3- short project voucher.

    I'll set up my war momentarily.

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  • Pen Par
    • Alright, Wane asked me to take control of the EnTropic Zagarian Empire. In case you missed their app when Wane posted it earlier, here it is.
    • NPC Name: EnTropic Zagarian Empire.
    • Population: 50,000
    • Military: 10,000
    • Affiliation: Chaos and the Void
    • Race(s): Adventurers, Demons, Unknown ancient creatures.
    • Land: Tutorial Island, Soul Wars.

    The EtZE has begun arming itself for war, and has declared every single nation to be at fault. They are preparing ships to begin their campaign of conquest.


    They have begun equipping their army with classified equipment. Details forthcoming.

    HFPE end



    On an early evening, a Temple Knight, running as fast as she could, jumped behind a barricade, trying to take cover just as she sensed her cloaking spell was …

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  • Ranthar Wane

    Project finger gun has begun.

    I'll be updating project stuff later.

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  • Ranthar Wane

    Rp got a 9, nothing.

    I have claimed my lotto token, and rolled twice:

    3-Short Project voucher, and a 10-Mercenary Recruitment.

    • Name: UnderRealm
    • Population: 21,500
    • Military: 2,600
    • Items: 1 x SPV, 1 x Merc Rec, 0 x lotto tokens.

    Well, as nobody has responded to my annex rolls, I'll do it myself.

    • Kalphites: 56 (accept)
    • Tear Chasm: 75 (war for insult.)

    Anyone want to come up with the numbers I get from the Kalphite hive?

    Who wants to operate as the Tear Chasm side of the war?

    • Enemy Units:
      • Light Creatures (No idea what you're gonna do with that.)
      • Whatever they can recruit from the lumbridge swamp caves.
    • Guardians:
      • Juna
      • A tormented demon that made its way out.(to keep things from being easy.)

    We have begun arming for the war, and begun building up our defenses.


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  • DaedricMask

    India Relations.

    February 21, 2012 by DaedricMask

    We ask India to annex or face war. India agreed to annex.

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  • Ranthar Wane

    Country Name: EC Land You Are Claiming: Canada Did You Take This Land By Force?: Well, It's vancant, half flooded, half fried, and covered in bacon. So I decided to claim it. (But the reason for the above problems is me.)


    We have begun fixing Canada.(and exporting Canadian Bacon.)

    We have attempted to annex the other members of the EU.

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  • Ranthar Wane

    Many Adventurers of the fifth age in Gielinor first remember setting foot on this land at a small Island known simply as the "Tutorial Island."

    None recall anything prior to that first few steps, but they all share a few common characteristics: A proficiency with Magick and Weapons that surpassess others. Craftsmanship that lesser mortals only dream of.

    Yet how is it that these "Adventurers" have such great potential and power, but recall nothing of their life before setting forth on Tutorial Island.

    Many have attempted to explain this, theories from being a God's Avatar, to a Mahjarrat, to some insane concept that they are all in fact pawns in a massive game.

    All pale in comparison to the truth.

    Today, a great Evil has arisen from the depths o…

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  • Ranthar Wane

    Your population is over the limit, please adjust that.

    Also, Lletya and Isafdar are too large, you are limited to only Lletya to start in.

    Lotto roll- You got a 10 - Mercenary Recruitment.

    Lotto Token claimed, someone please give me a roll.

    We have found all the pieces of the Bandos Pendant. Attempts to reconstruct it in a sealed environment has begun.


    • We have completed tunnelling to various locations, so as to gain access to specific resources such as:
      • The Arzinian Mine(Covertly, this mine is still barely touched.)
      • Various rune altars.(After requesting permission/paying fees to the owners.)
      • The Elemental Workshop
      • The Dragonkin forge(which we are researching, so as to learn how to use it or duplicate it.)
      • Daemonheim
      • Eagle peak
      • Mage training f…

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  • Bismarck I

    EAW App

    February 19, 2012 by Bismarck I
    • Empire Name:
    • Greater Germanian Empire (Germania)

    Population: (Cannot exceed 20,000 to start)

    • 20,001

    Military: (Cannot exceed 5k to start, 2k suggested.)

    • 2,500

    Affiliation: (What RS god, or none at all.)

    • Great Seren, St. Germain (deceased)

    Race(s): (Please stick with 1-2 to start. OP'ing in this area shall be nerfed.)

    • Elf, Goblin (slave)

    Starting Land: (One city, or two smaller areas. GWD and such are off limits.)

    • Lletya, Isafdar

    Items: (Write these in as you get them.)

    • Nope

    Extra Information:

    Germania Rule the Waves

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  • Bowswer5


    February 18, 2012 by Bowswer5

    Alright Rp, I'm not going to complain or argue or ask why. Do you know how long this is going to last?

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  • Ranthar Wane

    You got 9- Nothing.

    Despite that you never fully said it, I know you meant to use your lottery token.

    You got 5- Nothing.

    • The Drakans in Morytania have recently begun cracking down upon their human slaves. Blood tithes have went up, and military patrols have been scouring the countryside for the Myreque. The resistant fighters have taken some losses, and are withdrawing to the area of the Salve.
    • Kinshra Knights have been making bold forays into Taverly and Rimmington. Falador White knights are arming, suspecting something big is afoot.
    • Strange bipedal Dragon-esc creatures where sighted a few weeks ago near Musa Point... Nothing has been heard from the port since. Brimhaven is on alert.
    • Daganoths have been making attacks on the Lunar Isle.
    • The KBD…

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