Overview: If a mod bans you, DO NOT evade the ban. This has become a problem lately with players not seeing a chat ban as serious and just getting around it, but as of now this will now result in an IP Ban.

Why is this a problem?Edit

The reason that the Mod Squad patrols the chat is to make sure that the rules are followed, the chat policies are secure and that the chat is not being severely disrupted by spam/flame. The whole reason the mods have the power to kick and ban players is to make sure that problems are swiftly dealt with, but by using other accounts to get around bans you undermine their ability to issue bans to keep the peace of the chat.

If this were allowed, I might as well remove all chat mods since their tools to protect the chat users would be obsolete.

See 250mm Ban Cannon.

What if I do it anyway?Edit

It’s simple: if you decide to evade bans, the Mod Squad will decide on an amount of time to ban you, and you will receive an IP ban. Evading an IP ban will result in your proxy IPs being blacklisted, and your ban will be increased very rapidly.

See Iron Fist.

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