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Balance of Power was an NC genre game set in the Victorian age, first moderated by 123xyz8, and then by Bismarck II; it is most notable for using a turn system.

This game eventually died, after Bismarck left RS for a period of time, on Page 53 of the second remake.

Current CountriesEdit

The game is currently growing and has more than 10 player nations as is. The following will be little 'summaries' on each nation, as well as it's current national applications.

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The UnionEdit


The ConfederacyEdit


Second French EmpireEdit


Imperial RussiaEdit

Russia is currently a growing Economic and Military Power in Europe. It's current leader is Tsar Alexander II, who has ushered in sweeping reforms for the Autocratic State to liberalize it, but keep with the Russian cultural identity.

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