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The Avalon Royalty began with the installment of the First Holy Avalonian Emperor, J.R.F. Nambossa, who took the honourable name Charles cal de Avalon to rule with. He would make many considerable changes to the government structure and balance of power, shifting the Empire into a government coined as an 'Imperial Democracy'. His democratic reforms lessened the reliance on the Emperor and put more responsibility in lower legislative bodies so that the people would effectively rule themselves. Charles passed these laws with certain amendments, making it nearly impossible to overturn them without support of the population itself and establish a Dictatorship.

Role in the EmpireEdit

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The majority of Royalty do not take part in the running of government, except the Emperor of course. The Royalty is more of a line of "prospective Emperors" and Emperors-in-training, unless they hold a position of Senator or other government-tier job, then they most likely use those jobs to carry their agenda.

Royalty is not restrained from marrying out of the Bloodline, or even releasing their claim to the throne, mostly in part to a propaganda campaign depicting the blood of nobility and how it is no different from the blood of commoners. Noble children are taught by a specially selected tutor, who will teach them Imperial Standard Curriculum, meaning our standard is very high, with extensive subjects regarding Economics, Strategy, and Military matters.

The Emperor is seen as the most powerful man in the Empire, overseeing the Democratic Process within the Republic and the Senate, wielding the power of the Avalon Military in his hand, and establishing relations with Adam so that he may rule with the blessing from the Avalon God himself.

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The Royalty resides in Camelot, an Imperial City of Palaces which is also inhabited by the Lordship, members of the Republic, and members of the Senate whe they are not in session as well as extremely wealthly Nobles. Camelot consists of multiple Castles, Palaces, and residencies used exclusively by the Upper-Class. The Castles within are said to be among the most beautiful on the planet, rivalling those from so long ago.


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The Bloodline was established with the crowning of Charles cal de Avalon, and included all of his immediate family. Distant cousins and the like normally do not recieve nobility ranks or claims to the Throne, unless specified by the Emperor himself.

The Bloodline can and has been re-structured numerous times due to marriages outside of the Nobility, where even people whose grandfather or grandmother was a commoner yet they ascended the Throne.

Despite changes within the Bloodline, white or light hair at a young age is a common trait among Emperor's, it is refered to as "The Mark of Charles", symbolising Charles' stunning white hair.

Throne SuccessionEdit

When an Emperor passes away or abdictates his throne, a Council of certain politcal leaders from across the spectrum (Left-wing, Right-wing, Middle, Military Officials, other Nobles, etc.) The Candidates are selected from a pre-made list of successors chosen by the Emperor, if the Emperor passed before creating a Successor List, the Council will draft some candidates from from the Royalty.

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The position of Emperor is not exclusily bound by males, females can also ascend the Throne, some even over their brothers. Empresses are usually seen as more 'graceful' than their male counter-parts, though there have been a few cold-hearted Empresses, just as there have been 'graceful' Emperors.

The process of deciding on a Candidate is fairly simple, a quick interview with the Council, followed by a few tests of mental stability as well as reasoning. All can be completed within 2 days time, with the crowning ceremony taking another day, so an Emperor can pass and a new one be crowned in a 3 day period.


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The Royal Family is protected by an elite guard unit established within the Imperial Constitution known as the Holy Knight Directorate. The guards this Directorate produces are the top of the line, hand picked and crafted to serve the Royal Family for whatever danger they may face. They simply refer to these 'products' as Imperial Guardians.

These Imperial Guardians will serve the Royal Family until death, or until they are relieved of duty by their chosen royal. They will face the most extreme conditioning and training programs ever seen within the Empire, most parts of which are a well-protected secret and no one outside of the Imperial Guardian knows what transpires within the training facility.