The 500mm Trololololol Cannon is the favored cannon of the species known as trolls. This cannon comes in many forms including denial-of-service attacks, flaming, and warning baiting. This weapon is extremely deadly and has been in use since the founding of the internet, however it was made extremely popular within the past few years. This weapon is completely unbiased and will attack both trolls and non-trolls in sight, stay out of its range unless you have counter-trolling capabilities or trolling immunity.

This weapon has been used in the chat many, many times and has made an appearance in NC as the primary weapon of a OZE Hypercarrier.

Notable users:

Omni. Omni is the most recognizable user of this Cannon. Rather than simply use the base all-in-one cannon, Omni has mutliple weapons which combine to form a single, unstoppable attack armor. His most common weapon is the Flamethrower, which works like a void ray- it gets more effective over time, unless another cannon interrupts the firing. The Brickwall stun grenade is powerful enough to temporarily take down even powerful enemies such as Teran or Scorched for a short time, though this is generally met with a cannon for his trouble. The TOR shield and PROXY armor render the Omni-Suit damn near invincible. His own stun grenades were once able to hurt him, although he quickly figured out how to neutralize the explosions. A few others reverse-engineered the technique to protect themselves.

Teran Marine


Bismarck II



Volcano1qaz(on occasion)

Rpvictor(on occasion)



Pen Par

Akuma Zero


File:830px-Drop Shield.jpg

The best counter to this weapon is the use of Common Sense as a shield. Troll weapons seem to be utterly ruined when a Common Sense Shield is activated. Those who sense trolling should immediately activate their Common Sense Shield and wait out the storm until a mod removes the troll. If that isn't enough, multiple weapons, including intelligence and logic (a weapon formed from the use of common sense), are at your disposal for destroying the troll(s).

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